May 28, 2014

Homer Simpson Does Not Blame Satan

May 11, 2014

Aw shit! That annoying dude who sucked is dead!

I wish I could say it started back in 1982 when I first heard Sabbath, Maiden and Priest, but in reality I introduced Dario Sycco to this world in fall of 2006 with a string of podcasting hits and misses, few metal-powered websites and not much else. It was always meant to be pronounced Cycle not Psycho, but since I had to make a stage name on the spot, I had little time and even less imagination at the given moment.

I enjoyed some of the last 8 years hiding behind Sycco, but most of it was forgettable, regrettable and wasteful. I am glad I met few great metalheads, got a chance to interview some of my idols, but sadly I can no longer dedicate any time to True Metalhead's blog, my past spoken words or anything else Sycco-related.

I am glad that few of the podcasts I started are still going strong, I will stay true to the music I fell in love with over 30 years ago, as I love discovering new metal bands, new music and new faces of metal, but I will not be involved with any of the behind scenes anymore.
I have a bunch of posts I started many months ago and might publish some of those in the future, and will also maintain True Metalhead's Facebook page for a while, but regular blogging, podcasting, facebooking and pissing people off is over.

Hailz and cheerz
- True Metalhead

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