Dec 19, 2013

'Thrashing Through The Snow' Is The Greatest Thing Megadeth (Almost) Did in the Last Decade. Sarcasm Removed

When you think of the greatest Mustaine and Co. establishments, you’d have to go back to early 90's to find much of an inspiration, as the latest eyesore “Super Cock Slider” is proof positive that once you derail your train of consequences, you should just stick to re-releasing greatest hits and writing books about drugs and groupies.

So when I heard of “Thrashing Through the Snow”, I actually thought Megadaves released an Xmas album, and while that would not surprise me in the least, the fact that the spoof of xmas portrayed by Megadeth aired on Jimmy Kimmel and was actually quite funny.

Grab some eggnog and crank it up. It's a blast to see the band dressed in Christmas sweaters playing Frosty the Snowman, Little Drummer Boy and the likes.


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