Nov 12, 2013

Rappers Review Ghost "Year Zero"

We all know that rap rhymes with... uhmm, awesome, so how about a look at metal from a rapper's point of view?

A bunch of talented rappers analyze the promo video for Ghost's (Ghost B.C. in USA) "Year Zero" from 2013 Infestissumam and I can't help but wonder if these nerdy dudes have ever seen a naked woman in their lives, because when the boobs appear at 1:22 of the clip, they harmoniously cheer, giggle and just about have a heart attack.

My fave? "Is this allowed to be on YouTube?" You can also tell that music knowledge is not a prerequisite to become a rapper as they're not paying any attention to the sounds and only resort to completely unfunny commentary about the visual aspect of the song. Wait a minute... I just analyzed a group of dudes analyzing a video and comparing tits to cake. What the Fuck!?!

Found on Metal Injection.


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