Nov 12, 2013

Metalheads Have a Low Self-Esteem

Before your likely explosion of butthurt, read on, would you?

A study by Westminster University has attempted to find out what makes metal aficionados tick.
Psychologist Viren Swami asked 219 women and 195 men living in the UK to fill out surveys about their personality after listening to and rating 10 heavy metal tracks.

Study found that most metal fans have a strong need to be individual.
The lower self-esteem was linked to negative attitudes towards authority.
Earlier research found that metal fans have many personality traits in common with those who enjoy classical music.

By matching music preference to the personality traits, Professor Swami found that ‘openness to experience’ was a major factor in enjoying heavy metal.

Perhaps more surprising however, was the fact that those with a strong preference for metal were more likely to have lower self-esteem.
Metal heads also had a higher-than-average need for uniqueness, and lower-than-average levels of religiosity.
‘It is possible that this association is driven by underlying attitudes towards authority, which may include religious authorities,’ said the authors of the study.

A separate study by Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh found that lovers of heavy metal and classical music have very similar personality traits.
Unlike the Westminster University study, it found that both types tend to be creative, at ease with themselves and introverted.

Read more at Daily Mail.


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