Oct 10, 2013

Dude, You Blew a Chance to Own a Gene Simmons Used Chewing Gum for Only $250,000

When the economy takes a dive and people really have to stretch their food budget, it's nice to know that there is an asshole out there who can spend $250,000 for a used gum once chewed by Gene Simmons. Apparently somebody paid that much for the unusual artifact on an eBay auction.

The gum was chewed by Simmons when he appeared on the UK Sports program Soccer AM and was sold by the channel to raise money for Street League, a charity which is dedicated to tackling youth unemployment in the UK. The winner of the auction also received the gum’s original packaging and a copy of Simmons’ script for the show.

I failed to see the value in this purchase, my only thought is, somebody is one day going to clone Gene.
Gene didn't swallow the gum, and if it was that easy, imagine how many Genes could be running around on this planet if only a small percentage of ladies didn't swallow and actually saved Gene's load?

If you want to be saying "what the fuck did I just watch?", go ahead and click on this link to see Gene chewing the shit out of a $250,000 stick of gum.


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