Aug 4, 2013

Obituary Funds New Album in Less Than 24 Hours Via Kickstarter

In what seems to be a new trend in the digital age, Obituary became another successful band who launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for the upcoming album.

Band statement reads:

"You guys made this happen, and you did it in less than a day! All of the rewards you pledged for are yours, and we can't wait to see the hats in the crowd as we tour for the new album!

We have been, and will continue to read through all of your comments, suggestions and tweets (@obituarytheband). To be honest, it was pretty damn scary to push the button on this campaign...we had no idea what the feedback would be, we never expected so much so fast, and the support and encouragement you guys have shown blows us away.

We will have another update on Monday morning about the stretch goals. It will include the whole story behind the Morrisound Documentary, and we can tell you right now...any true Obituary fan is gonna be excited to see this thing!"

I for one, am very glad that bands are finding new ways to fund their recording projects. If this keeps up, the old-schoolers better stop complaining about the death of music and get on with the times.


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