Jul 26, 2013

Sworn In Bassist Kicked Out of Band Because of His Addiction to Trains

You have no idea how closely I can relate to this story.
I'm about to fire my son's ass out of the house because of his love of trains.
Problem is my kid is four years old and while his addiction to choo choos is driving me crazy, I can only imagine what the fellow bandmates in Sworn In must have been going through when bassist Sean Banks pulls out his train sets and building blocks and reenacts the stories from Thomas the Tank Engine.

I hesitated to believe this story was true, but according to a statement from Sean (post-firing) I'm a believer. I believe that my son's addiction to trains could last well into adulthood. AAAARRRGHH!!!

Sean stated: "Recently my longtime hobby of building and collecting model trains had gotten to be too much for the band. I had skipped practice, spent all my tour money, and basically never saw my band. I became too involved in the trains and they had enough of me putting it as my number one priority. I am currently searching for a new band to play guitar or bass in."


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