Jul 23, 2013

Reason Why Metal Lyrics Should Be Indecipherable

I love metal like nothing else in the world.
Average metal musician blows away the top (particularly acclaimed) musicians from other genres of music, but goddamn it if I'm not thankful for the growlers of the metal world. Growling basically means covering up shitty lyrics that only a 12-year-old describing a horrific accident would be proud of.

So why draw attention to your awful lyrics and make that the (only) focus of a music video?

You'll have to ask The Order of Elijah, as these dudes thought it would be a great idea to release a lyric video for their "New Line of Defence" song and actually accentuate the words.

Warning! If you're an English major or a grammar cop, you're going to have a hard time here.
Anyone learning english should stay clear of this and watch ghetto documentaries or Texas cattle auctioneers instead.
Psst. It gets particularly nasty in the last minute of the song.


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