Jul 26, 2013

Cuban Heavy Metal Band Seeks Asylum in United States

According to the AFP, Six members of a Cuban heavy metal group Hipnosis requested political asylum after touching down in the United States on Wednesday (July 22) in Miami.

Ramiro Pupo, the lead singer was the first musician to seek asylum, explaining that his daughter already lives in Miami.

"It's not something we had thought about until we got here," Hipnosis bassist Fanny Tachin told AFP.

"Once we saw that [Pupo had requested asylum], we all decided to follow," Tachin added.

Hipnosis was on its way to Oakland, California to record an album.

A number of Cuban artists and athletes have defected from Cuba over the past few years. In 2008, seven members of the Cuban Olympic soccer team decided to stay after their game against the U.S. team in Florida. Cuban ballet dancer Rolando Sarabia also defected in 2005.


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