Jun 26, 2013

Six-Year-Old Girl Shocks Audience with Black Metal Vocals on 'America's Got Talent'

OK, I know that I'm pushing the term 'black metal' here, but her vocals where very contrasty to the (purposely) generic background music, that I think BM best summarizes it. Although screamo wouldn't be too far off.

I'll be honest, I had chills when this little kid and her nine-year-old brother came on stage and started performing. Hats off to the parents. Way too cool. So innocent and yet so brutal.

Big thumbs down to the guy who once used to be cool and funny. I'm talking about Howard Stern. He totally disliked and poked fun of the kid. And like a flag in the wind, he changed his decision only once realized the crowd was not on his side.

Check out the song "Zombie Skin" performed by Aaralyn and Izzy.


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