Jun 9, 2013

Metallica perform entire Kill'Em All posing as fake band at Orion Fest

An appearance by the unknown and unscheduled Dehaan during this year's Orion Fest turned out to be none other than Metallica themselves. They surprised everybody when they appeared on stage and literally Hit The Lights yesterday, June 8th at Belle Isle in Detroit, MI.

Best part, wait for it, they played their debut album "Kill'Em All" in its entirety. Yes, the whole "Metal Up Your Ass" from 'Hit the Lights' to 'Metal Militia', including "Anesthesia" with Rob doing a pretty good job imitating Cliff.

Released 30 years ago, on July 25th 1983, "Kill'Em All" was the rawest we've ever seen Metallica, and as the band has often been a victim of its own poorly chosen, non-metal path, there was very little to fault them for during the Orion performance that obviously marks the anniversary of what may very well have been the beginning of thrash metal.

Aside from James voice, which hasn't been able to hit the high notes since like forever, even Lars' drumming is tolerable. I wanted to make fun of this, but instead I had fun watching the concert.

Tonight, to mark the 10th anniversary, they'll perform St. Anger in it's entirety :)

Enjoy (hopefully the shaky camera won't spoil the fun, as the sound is quite good) and watch the entire performance below.

(If you're wondering what the name Deehan signifies, it may have been a reference to actor Dane DeHaan, who stars in Metallica's upcoming IMAX 3D movie, "Metallica Through The Never")


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