Jun 9, 2013

I Wanna See This French Comedy About Black Metal

Black Metal memes are omnipresent on the internet, but as far as the big screen goes, 'Black Metal' is to 'Comedy' what liver is to ice cream.

French director Martin Le Gall (no relation to Gaahl) is trying to put a stop to that. His movie called "Pop-Redemption" was just released in French theatres on June 5th 2013, and it looks funny as hell.

In his story, The Black Métalleux Satanistes known as the band called The Dead Makabes are invited to perform at Hellfest as a last minute replacement. They embark on an epic journey that, as you may have guessed, goes horribly wrong ending up with an accidental death of some dude.

The band is forced to go incognito (read: 'pop') to avoid running into the law enforcement.

This type of a movie and portrayal of black metal is so far removed from the daily routine, that no matter how unlikely the plot, chances are any metalhead would enjoy the lighter side of horribly mislabeled black metal. I for one can't wait to see a dubbed version of this film.

Check out and enjoy the trailer below. This could very well be Spinal Tap for the 21st Century.


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