May 8, 2013

Mike Portnoy Literally Goes Through Two Heads in One Show

Ask any drummer how rare it is to damage a bass drum head and he'll probably tell you that he never has. Even if you are a vicious animal behind a kit, chances are you'll need to gain superpowers to bust one up.

Well, Mike Portnoy did it. Not once, but twice. In one night at a single show!!!

Mike stated on his facebook page:
"BIZARRE night here in CA...I went through TWO bass drums heads during the show!!! I've NEVER gone thru one on stage and now tonite TWO? WTF?
And to make matters worse, Jose wasn't with me for this show...our sound man was doubling as drum tech and we were like "ehh, what could go wrong during the show...we'll be fine...." Wow, Murphy's Law!! That was one for the books...."


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