May 14, 2013

Geoff Tate Watches as his Fans Rip the New Queensryche Album Apart

The new Tatesrÿche album "Frequency Unknown" has received a ton of negative press.
In response, a while back, Geoff Tate invited fans to express their opinion about it.

In the video below, Geoff sips on his fairy wine and watches as fans rip him a new asshole.
It's entertaining, and although I have not heard the album, it makes me want to listen to it, just to see how bad it is, but I do remember that the last few releases of Queensrÿche with Tate on vocal were fairly boring and slow.

Now that the saga of two bands called Queesrÿche continues, I really gotta get off my ass and check out both just to compare the two.


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