May 23, 2013

91-Year-Old Actor Christopher Lee is More Metal than Metallica

I know, this is such an obvious statement, it shouldn't need to be disclosed. Just his appearance in Lord of the Rings trilogy makes him more metal than the trash of Load, Reload, Preload or St. Anger from the former thrash metal titans.

On May 27th, Christopher Lee will release "Charlemagne: The Omens of Death", which also falls on his 91st birthday.

Although this is only his second release, he has been helping out and making guest appearances on various albums for years.

The follow up to his 2010 "Charlemagne: By the Sword and the Cross" already sounds promising (watch video below) and FAR less pretentious than that god awful shitstain called Lulu.

In the video below Christopher talks about metal, and there is even a short appearance of Tony Iommi.
Much respect to both.


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