Apr 23, 2013

Top 5 Machine Head Bass Auditions

Time's Up!
April 19th marked the end of Machine Head bass player auditions.
If you didn't get your tape in and didn't follow the auditions on YouTube, you can at least check out my Top 5 picks.

You have to keep in mind that there might have been other better known bassists who have submitted a tape, but I'm just not aware of it.

Just so you know, the band is looking for someone who can play and sing, and naturally has the stage presence to boot. Just to level the playing field, I picked the track "This is the End", a very difficult song to play, for all submissions.

5. Frank Memolo

A very, very long shot. Obviously the man has a handicap, but despite of that, he performed nearly flawlessly and deserves a nod. He's a big fan of Machine Head and was honoured just to send in his tape. His audition was moving enough, that the band was brought to tears.
Frank, you've got a big fan and a believer in TrueMetalhead.

4. Sergey Karshev

This guy has the abilities, speed and techniques to pull it off, he even looks the part, but the voice is weak and competition is tough. Wish he put his bass forth, it was a bit lost in there.

3. Evan Magness

You can tell that this guy lives and breathes music. Band couldn't go wrong here if they picked him. Brilliant tone, nice chops, can certainly sing, although the higher notes are harder to pull off. He makes it look easy. Best of luck.

2. Chad Whitaker

I hope age isn't going to rule him out, he's a bit young, but wow, is this guy good. Amazing sound and technique, the only thing is, he is a bit off and not as fast and despite looking sure of himself, he is nervous and his inexperience may be a big strike against him.

1. Christian Olde Wolbers

I've said this before, as soon as I heard that Christian was going to submit his audition, I was worried there was going to be no contest, and as soon as I saw it, I knew he was the man. Incredible technique, those insane triplets that made him the backbone of Fear Factory machine-like sound, will go a long way in earning him a spot in Machine Head. Plus he is a natural, he looks like he belongs there and can sing as well. Dude is very underrated as a musician if you ask me. When he exchanged bass for a guitar on 2004's Architype, he even surprised Dino himself.


Anonymous said...

I dont know why are ppl into MH so much... they are nothing special.

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