Apr 21, 2013

Metallica Benchmarks Death Magnetic for Next Studio Album

Some old-schoolers surely remember when Metallica used to steamroll over our ears with spontaneity and raw power and when they told us that ...And Justice For All was going to be a hard act to follow, none of us believed. In early 1991, studio reports indicated that we were in for another treat and Lars assured us that things sounded "ugly and mean". And then we heard Enter Sandman and Unforgiven and later on those and some other choice words went on to describe the Black album. Indeed AJFA was a hard act to follow, one that we've been waiting for for over 25 years.

It now seems that Metallica has all but given up even on bullshitting their fans and now Lars Ulrich claims that "Death Magnetic sounds fantastic, so it will be a difficult record to follow."

The band has been recording riffs for the follow up to Death Magnetic for few years now, and according to another statement from the band, at some point during 2014, they will go through those riffs and put something together.

Is it just me, or can we be certain we'll get another "Shit Sandwich"?


Anonymous said...

It's just you. Bon appetite.

Anonymous said...

Hehe. Some people will still impatiently wait for another Metallica album.

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