Apr 24, 2013

Member of Metallica Tribute Band Forced to Step Down as B.C. Conservative Candidate

According to The Province, a member of the Metallica tribute band, Damage Inc. was forced to withdraw as a B.C. Conservative Party candidate in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada following an alleged drinking and driving incident.

Jeff Sprague (pictured below), sings and plays guitar for the Metallica tribute band called Damage Inc., was trained as a paralegal at Capilano College, was born in New Brunswick and came to B.C. at the age of 14.

Sprague's withdrawal was initially announced as an "unfortunate personal incident" before his online biographical information was quickly taken down and he disappeared from the campaign.

Conservative campaign manager Jeff Bridge said he didn't "have anything to add."

(Source: Blabbermouth)


Anonymous said...

The picture at the top of the screen is Jeff Sprague of the Metallica tribute band, Damage Inc, from Vancouver, Canada. But the video and picture shown below the article is the bass player of a different Metallica tribute called Damage Inc from California (i.e. this is NOT the Jeff Sprague from Canada).

Anonymous said...

They should've locked his sorry a$$ up.. Got no use for wannabe politicians who can't follow the simplest laws. Make an example out of him

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