Mar 20, 2013

Ozzy Osbourne Homeless, but $11.5M Richer

Before you start sobbing, let me explain and straighten up the headline.

The Osbournes put two of their homes on the market, so technically they are not homeless, just without a house in the Hidden Hills. They still have another mansion in Los Angeles. It is also on the market. They can't be bothered with too many mansions, since they are both busy and on the road. Sharon is busy filming America's Got Talent, Ozzy is out promoting... his new health advise book. Yup, you read it right.

According to, the six-bedroom, 10-bath, 11,000-square-foot mansion sits on a hill in the middle of a two-and-a-quarter acre property in the popular celebrity enclave of Hidden Hills. The house features a completely redesigned interior, mountain and city views, a gym, a library, a pool, maid's quarters and other luxury amenities.

The Osbournes spent over $13M on the house in 2007 and had it renovated (you know those dog shit stains are expensive to remove) recently.

If any reader of this blog bought this home, please report back. I'm sure if those walls could talk, we'd learn the truth about Bill Ward situation and almost certainly find some remains of the pussy whip in that bedroom.

Artwork by Howard Molloy


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