Mar 20, 2013

Manowar's Music Makes People Want to Drink, Make Love and Have Fun

If you were to put yours truly, the potty-mouthed, juvenile True Metalhead, in a cage match against Manowar bassist Joey DeMaio, to see who is more immature, I'm sure you would quickly find out that my collection of Jerky Boys CDs and fart apps, jokes and soundFX is no match for Joey's 12-year-old mannerism.

I just watched a new interview with Joey on the Russian TV channel ETB (Ekburg TV) and the first question he was asked was "why your band used to be so loud in the world?" (I know, not the best grammar, but when the girl who could not speak english asked him that question in russian (before the translator kicked in) Joey answered, "I'm not married, but I do like you and yes, I will together with you, go out to dinner".

So, anyway, his answer to the loudest band in the world (some reality distortion there, huh?) was:
"Because Heavy Metal is about Power and sound. And we have the most powerful people, so we have to give them top sound, the top people deserve the top sound."

Next question, "What if someone in the audience had a heart attack?"
Joey (59 years old, BTW) - "No, our music only makes people want to drink and make love and have fun. That's all our music does to people."

It gets better. "Tell us the most interesting story that happened to you?"
Joey - "I can't say it on the air, because it could be x-rated." The girls then laugh saying (in russian) that it probably involved lube and shirtless guys on the album cover.

That was only the first 4 minutes of the interview. I won't spoil the fun for you. Check out the rest below.

Source: Blabbermouth


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