Mar 29, 2013

Howard Stern Doing Extreme Vocals with Richard Christy

To a metal crowd, Richard Christie is an amazing drummer, one who has played with many renowned bands, but best remembered for having played with Iced Earth and of course being part of the critically acclaimed "The Sound of Perseverance" by legendary Death. He has also collaborated with Chuck Schuldiner on Control Denied.

To a crowd less versed in metal, and more in worshipping The King of All Media, he is better known as the dude who replaced "Stuttering John" and became one of Stern's sidekicks. He is known for his hilarious prank calls.

In the audio clip below, check out Howard Stern trying to do death metal (they sound more grindcore to me) vocals while Richard is playing drums. I have to warn you, if you're a die hard metal fan, one that worships Manowar and anything spoken against metal is taken so seriously, that you may feel like sending hate mail to me, Howard, Richard and your ex-girlfriend (probably your xBox), well, you might want to skip this one. Some of the members of Stern do not think highly of metal, but I for one, have found this funny. I don't have problems with my metal insecurities.

One of Richard's pranks.


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