Mar 12, 2013

Heavy Metal Liquor Store

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If you're still drinking that crappy beer, wine or vodka or Lemmy forbid, you brew your own shit, it's time to visit your online booze store, because it seems like we get an additional selection of metal-infused alcohol on a weekly basis.

The new addition is Iron Maiden's 'Trooper'. A premium British ale with true depth of character and flavor naturally featuring the unmistakable icon of Eddie.

'Trooper' joins a small army of metal alcoholic beverages coming from the likes of Motorhead, Slayer, Impaled Nazarene, Warrant (if you like cherries dipped in ass juice) Mastodon, Sepultura, etc. etc.


Anonymous said...

And the address of the online-shop is ?

Anonymous said...

were can u get them

Anonymous said...


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