Mar 2, 2013

Drinking Game - King Diamond vs Manowar

Alright. So the weekend is finally here. It's time to get wasted.
Let's play a game. I hand picked two albums for you to get shitfaced to.
You need to choose a remote facebook friend to play alone.

You and your buddy pick either King Diamond - 'Give Me Your Soul... Please' or Manowar - 'Battle Hymn'. One of you listens to King Diamond, the other gets to hear Manowar.

You both have to pay attention to the lyrics. If you picked 'Give Me Your Soul', and you hear the words "little girl" you take a sip of your beer, vodka or whatever is your poison. Be careful, because there are other "little" things on this album. Little brother, little light, little footsteps, little wings. I guess if you feel adventurous, you can drink anytime you hear "little", because I have a feeling your Manowar buddy will need a drink in both hands to keep up with his lyrics.

If you are that person listening to 'Battle Hymn', anytime you hear the words "death" or "metal" (yeah, I know they were the first death metal band), you chug your shit. Something tells me you'll have trouble staying vertical after the first two tracks.

When the music ends, and you're able to dial your friend's number or find his facebook profile, you can contact each other and slur about your experiences.



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