Mar 25, 2013

Behemoth Bike to be unveiled during Impact Fest in June

Polish custom motorcycle builders Game Over Cycles have designed a unique motorcycle exclusively for Behemoth frontman Nergal.

"We're presenting you with "Behemoth Bike", a machine that bridges the world of motorsports and music, inspired by and co-designed with a metal icon, Adam "Nergal" Darski." - announced Krzysztof Bienkiewicz, spokesman for Game Over Cycles.

The steel construction of the custom bike features a Harley Davidson RevTech 110 engine, Harley transmission and Legend air suspension. The 18" rear tire is 360mm (14.2 inch) wide.
The custom work will be completed in May, and details about the bike will be unveiled during Impact Festival 2013 on June 4th 2013. Impact Fest will take place in Warsaw and besides Behemoth, it will also feature Korn, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Stereophonics, Rammstein, Airbourne, Mastodon and Slayer.

Source: Moto Onet


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christians to the behemoth bike!

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