Mar 4, 2013

Antropomorphia to be banned in Germany

BraveWords reports that Dutch death metallers Antropomorphia received a letter from their label Metal Blade Records, stating that German BPJM (Federal Department for Media Harmful to Young Persons) have requested that the band's latest album Evangelivm Nekromantia be banned in Germany.

The letter claims the cover artwork of the album as well as the song 'Fleisch' illustrate and address killings and violence in an autotelic way. Furthermore they don't seem to be too happy about the album title.

The band comments:
"We've made certain people nervous and uncomfortable with our music and lyrical content. In order to 'protect' the children, it's quite possible Evangelivm Nekromantia will be banned and removed from German stores. Through their ridiculous and hypocrite way of thinking they are not letting people use their own intelligence or freedom of choice, this in an era where you turn on the news and see the world's vile and repulsive excrements in full HD. These people are nothing more than a bunch of pitiful sheep! They might think this ban will be castigation but it will only strengthen us in our opposition towards these sad shallow people that crowd the world with their insignificant lives. To us, it's the perfect representation of people without perception other than a retarded opinion about an artistic expression."

In other news, Antropomorphia have just finished another video shooting, this time around for the song 'Debauchery In Putrefaction'.


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