Feb 2, 2013

Metallica sues Metallica. Metallica wins.

Blabbermouth reports that according to Burnaby Now, the Canadian Intellectual Property Office ruled last September that the Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada metal shop named Metallica Manufacturing is free to continue pursuing its trademark application for the word "Metallica" despite opposition from the band with the same name.

Metallica Manufacturing owner Bill Lawson tells Burnaby Now that name was chosen in the late 1990s by his then-12-year-old niece. After operating under the name for four or five years, Lawson tried to register a domain name online, which is when the group's attorneys started calling for the shop to change its name.

I don't believe you can mistake a name of a shop that manufactures shit out of metal for a band that DOES NOT make anything metal, except shit. There is a huge difference.

To be fair, if this case surfaced in the 80s, I would have signed a petition for the shop to seize operations. Then again, didn't Lars Ulrich steal that name from a fanzine?


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