Feb 1, 2013

Married with Anthrax

When you're buried under 10 feet of snow and the temperature outside is a balmy 40 below, you may as well watch a show about people buried under 10 feet of snow. The only difference is, The Bundys are stuck in a house with... Anthrax.

In this 1992 episode of Married with Children, Bud enters and wins a contest for the "The Video Channel" to have a party at his house with legendary thrashers Anthrax.

This naturally means a house party, but there will be none of that unless they can get rid of mom and dad first. The answer? Tricking them into taking a Florida vacation that turns out to be a time share sales scam where the salesman won't leave them alone. Back home, the house party gets dull with no food (but a meatloaf chia pet) in the house and 10 feet of snow outside.


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