Feb 24, 2013

Kerry King the Bandmate Slayer

Kerry King is on a mission to kill Slayer legacy. Contract disputes, spider bites, when it comes to levelling the field, there is no stopping the King.

It is already a fact that the next Slayer album will NOT feature Jeff Hanneman, who has been absent from the band since early 2011. While legendary Gary Holt of Exodus has been doing a great job of filling in Jeff's shoes, Jeff's absence on the upcoming Slayer album is nearly guaranteed to be felt.

Kerry King totally dismissed Jeff's contributions citing that he (Kerry King) does all the song writing and guitar work on Slayer albums anyway. Mmmm, weird, 'cause Slayer's arguably most famous song, "Angel of Death" was written by Jeff. So were "Raining Blood", "War Ensemble", "South of Heaven" and "Seasons in the Abyss". Try taking those songs away from Slayer's live repertoire and you won't have many fan favorites left.

I have a feeling that Jeff is out of the band for good and you likely won't get an officially confirming statement, as King knows this would not sit well with Slayer diehards.

That takes us to the recent dismissal of another fan favourite, the unequivocal Dave Lombardo.

According to King, Dave had presented an inflated monetary figure only days before embarking on their Australian tour. Similar contract dispute has grounded the most recent Bill Ward and Black Sabbath reunion. Sadly, it is the fans that lose out the most. While I'm not completely blaming Kerry King here, I must admit that to me this does not feel like a band that is having fun, rather a bunch of businessmen posing as metal musicians, whose main motivation is the mighty dollar.

Unfortunately, the voice (but not the spokesman) of Slayer, Tom Araya, has to sit on the sidelines and watch the drama unfold.

As a faithful fan of the band I wanna yell SLAAAAAYEEEEERR, but without Dave and Jeff, this is no longer the same band.

It is Raining Blood in Slayerville, and Piece By Piece the band is administering their own Mandatory Suicide.
Hell Awaits.

(Slayer Zombie artwork by an excellent 19 year old Polish artist Anita Roszuk)


Val said...

Very well written and true. Slayer is not slayer without Jeff & Dave. The King needs to get down off his high fucking horse me thinks.

Anonymous said...

Pride Goes before Destruction. Kerry King is Bankrupt internally, He is deceived and delusional. Satan is a master of Division. After He is done using you, you become expendable.

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