Feb 25, 2013

Timelapse of a metal live stage setup

I am about to disappoint some of you who believe that it takes a band 10 seconds to go from putting out a and downing the last beer to cracking knuckles and grabbing the instrument before the light go off.

As you can see in the video posted by Metal Injection, it takes a bunch of dudes a lot of time to set up a stage and get the show ready. And that is just Meshuggah. What if it was a much larger production?

Behemoth vs Leukemia

In a Facebook post, Behemoth had this to share with their fans:

"With utmost pride we'd like to announce that one of our fans who became a DKMS member at our show in Krakow in 2012 saved life of 66 year old woman in United States who was diagnosed with Leukemia and needed bone marrow transplant. Your support and dedication is boundless! On behalf of all those in need...THANK U!

In case you're keeping score:

Behemoth 2 : Leukemia 0

Def Leppard drummer can beat the drums, beat his wife and paint with the same hand

I have to admit that this kinda surprised me. It's as Rick Allen double flipped me off. Almost.

Def Leppard's drummer Rick Allen is not only a one hand-drummer, a one-hand wife beater, but he also paints with one hand. Or does he?

He is putting on an art show showcasing his art debut collection, "Electric Hand: Rhythm + Change", at America's premiere art gallery, Martin Lawrence Galleries at the Forum Shops in Las Vegas. From March 22 until April 10. His entire collection of rhythm on canvas will be on display, and fans are encouraged to visit the gallery while they are there to see it and own the final pieces available in the world.

This is a free event, but fans are asked to RSVP with RickAllenArt.com so that they can notify the gallery of their anticipated attendance.

Rick is translating rhythm into a visual art medium through an extensive process involving drumbeat, light, photography, and graphic design. The result is a collection of abstract imagery built directly from Allen's rhythmic prowess.

Feb 24, 2013

Kerry King the Bandmate Slayer

Kerry King is on a mission to kill Slayer legacy. Contract disputes, spider bites, when it comes to levelling the field, there is no stopping the King.

It is already a fact that the next Slayer album will NOT feature Jeff Hanneman, who has been absent from the band since early 2011. While legendary Gary Holt of Exodus has been doing a great job of filling in Jeff's shoes, Jeff's absence on the upcoming Slayer album is nearly guaranteed to be felt.

Kerry King totally dismissed Jeff's contributions citing that he (Kerry King) does all the song writing and guitar work on Slayer albums anyway. Mmmm, weird, 'cause Slayer's arguably most famous song, "Angel of Death" was written by Jeff. So were "Raining Blood", "War Ensemble", "South of Heaven" and "Seasons in the Abyss". Try taking those songs away from Slayer's live repertoire and you won't have many fan favorites left.

I have a feeling that Jeff is out of the band for good and you likely won't get an officially confirming statement, as King knows this would not sit well with Slayer diehards.

That takes us to the recent dismissal of another fan favourite, the unequivocal Dave Lombardo.

According to King, Dave had presented an inflated monetary figure only days before embarking on their Australian tour. Similar contract dispute has grounded the most recent Bill Ward and Black Sabbath reunion. Sadly, it is the fans that lose out the most. While I'm not completely blaming Kerry King here, I must admit that to me this does not feel like a band that is having fun, rather a bunch of businessmen posing as metal musicians, whose main motivation is the mighty dollar.

Unfortunately, the voice (but not the spokesman) of Slayer, Tom Araya, has to sit on the sidelines and watch the drama unfold.

As a faithful fan of the band I wanna yell SLAAAAAYEEEEERR, but without Dave and Jeff, this is no longer the same band.

It is Raining Blood in Slayerville, and Piece By Piece the band is administering their own Mandatory Suicide.
Hell Awaits.

(Slayer Zombie artwork by an excellent 19 year old Polish artist Anita Roszuk)

Best of February Metal Memes

Raking The Lawn - lyrics edit

 What if Scientists Were Metalheads

 Truth Behind Cannibal Corpse lyrics

It's not just the audio

Deep Thoughts

New Norwegian Mobile Game 

Heavy Metal Dump Truck

Metal Barb Wire

L'eggo My Shuggah

Heavy Metal Llama

SpongeBob Hates Us All

Superbowl power outage

Feb 21, 2013

Scott Ian Stricken with Amnesia

In a recent interview with The Sydney Morning Herald, Scott Ian of Anthrax has denied the existence of Neil Turban, their original singer.

He said: "We've only ever had two singers, that's the way I look at it. It's Joey [Belladonna, 13 years as vocalist] and John [Bush, 14 years], and that's it. I've been lucky enough to have worked with two amazing singers."

Note to Scott. Did somebody mixed poop with your brains? I'll spare you Dan Nelson, but Neil Turban and (some parts of) Fistful of Metal were killer!

Feb 20, 2013

University Professor Teaches About Heavy Metal

Check out this awesome report brought to you by Metal Injection.

Martin Jacobsen, a West Texas A&M University Professor has begun offering a class on heavy metal lyrics in their English department.

In a new interview with Death Metal Underground, Professor Jacobsen reveals how the class was born:
The students realized it. I just mentioned it would be cool to have a class on heavy metal, and the response was crazy. Word spread and people started asking me about it. The boss was in favor of it, and we had already been offering some classes off the beaten path. So, I proposed it.
As for the engagement of the students in the class compared to classic lit classes…
Way more. But, many of the students are in the class precisely because they are metalheads.

Other literature classes at this level are seen as ‘have to’ humanities classes. I usually teach classical literature when I teach these classes. I get pretty good responses in those classes, but nothing like this. The students called the secretary the other day because we had a blizzard here and they wanted to make sure class was meeting. They didn’t want to miss it. Usually, a blizzard is a day off for most students, especially for a core class. This class draws people who want to be there. It’s not a fair comparison in many ways.
Check out the full interview where the professor compares death and black metal to cubism and other intellectual discussion on metal.

Metal Cruising Takes a Slide

The Gauntlet reports that after the Mayhem Fest Cruise sunk in 2012, the Ship of Fear: A Horror Cruise has also been cancelled. The cruise was scheduled to take off this year between October 28 and November 2 but has now been officially canceled due to poor ticket sales.

The event was going to feature Alice Cooper and Dee Snider as musical guests, with appearances by directors and actors from genre-defining films, including "Child's Play", "Candyman", "The Fly", "Fright Night", "Gremlins", "The Howling", "Pet Sematary", as well as macabre illusionists, performance artists and rock stars for five full-moonlit nights.

A post on the event web site read as follows: "After careful consideration, we have decided not to continue with the 'Ship Of Fear' cruise and we will not be sailing in 2013. Those guests who already purchased cabins will be given a full refund. We feel that we had a strong combination of talent, programming and promotion; however, we did not receive the consumer demand required to continue."

Feb 17, 2013

Animals As Leaders Harp Cover

Got djent?

This Russian girl does. And she made a harp cover of Animals as Leaders too.

Feb 15, 2013

Killswitch Engage Hot Chilli Challenge

Killswitch Engage guitarist Adam D and Metal Hammer Podcast host Amit love hot food. They put their taste buds and their "manliness" to test in this hot chilli sauce challenge.

They start off with the mildest ones to eventually get to sauces so hot you can see sweat bead off their foreheads. I have a feeling that an authentic Mexican hot chilli would have ended in a bit more than one of them yelling "stop saying I'm crying, the camera is rolling!"

Is Heavy Metal Good or Bad for You?

Laina Dawes, author of the book "What Are You Doing Here?: A Black Woman's Life And Liberation In Heavy Metal" (Bazillion Points), was recently interviewed on the "Ontario Today" show on CBC Radio Canada. During the chat, she defended heavy metal against new research that suggests a link between the music and teens getting into trouble with the law.

The full interview is available for streaming at this location.

Featuring a foreword by Skin of SKUNK ANANSIE, "What Are You Doing Here?: A Black Woman's Life And Liberation In Heavy Metal" is available now in softcover wherever books are sold, and in eBook form via the Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, Apple iTunes Books, and Kobo platforms.

For more information, visit www.bazillionpoints.com.

Laina Dawes is a journalist, cultural critic, and photographer. She has contributed to CBC Radio, Metal Edge, The Wire, Afrotoronto.com, and Blogher.com. An active public speaker, she has appeared at SXSW and the EMP pop music conference. She lives in Toronto, and her personal blog lives at WritingIsFighting.com.

(Source: Blabbermouth)

Feb 14, 2013

Meshuggah singer replaced with cardboard

It's Meshuggah karaoke night again.

For the third night in a row, Meshuggah frontman Jens Kidman will be missing another show with a flu. And once again, he will be replaced on stage by a cardboard cutout of himself with the band and fans handling vocal duties. The band states "So this shit continues. It's....well you know exactly what it is.

Check out Meshuggah live in Atlanta performing with Sasha from Intronaut on vocals on February 12, 2013.

Order of the Black Sheep Heavy Metal Church

Mark Broomhead was a serious fan of Thrash Metal. His band, Seventh Angel, toured the world, sharing a record label with heavy metal acts Metallica and Slayer.

Now he is vicar of the Order of the Black Sheep, a church in Chesterfield. It's part of the Church of England, but Broomhead doesn't appear to have mellowed.
"We want it to be as uncomfortable as possible for people who'd go to an ordinary church," he says, speaking about his new ministry.

He is not alone in his endeavour. A number of underground Christian groups are at work across England, reaching out to people and subcultures that feel alienated by the traditional Church.
As media attention remains focused on the Church of England's stance on issues like women bishops and gay marriage, this very different type of Christian scene has gone largely unnoticed.

The Order of the Black Sheep meets in Chesterfield

The Order of the Black Sheep is based in a converted beauty salon. The walls are painted black to match its gothic logo, and a ram's skull perches ominously on a bookshelf.
The service itself lasts just a few minutes. A short sermon about Lent is interspersed with film clips and an electro soundtrack. The congregation sink into bean bags instead of filing into pews, and afterwards bread and wine are passed around at leisure. Informality reigns.
Two of its members explain the church's unique appeal: "I was brought up in a charismatic, happy clappy church, and I honestly wish I hadn't been," says Rees Monteiro. "There's no standing around here, listening to someone waffle on."

He shares Broomhead's taste in music too. "I'm into really heavy metal. The more dark and twisted the better."

Karl Thornley brings his children to the services.
"I'm not a very conventional person, and found the traditional Church quite difficult. I think there's a growing disconnect between the Church of England and what people can relate to."
In London, another unusual group meet in the back room of a large Victorian church in Camden. The Glorious Undead are not Anglicans, but they are an official church, part of the Elim Pentecostal network.
One of the group leaders, Andy White, explains that the church had its roots in the metal scene.
"I used to be in a hardcore band back in the day. When the church started it was very much about reaching out to metalheads, but we feel that God's widened that vision for us, so it doesn't revolve around music anymore."

His view is confirmed by Pastor Bob Beeman, who runs Sanctuary International from Nashville, TN, a ministry aimed at metal fans.

(Source: BBC News)


Can you decode it?

If you could, you'd figure out that the new Alice in Chains album scheduled to be released May of this year will be titled "The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here."

Feb 13, 2013

Raining Blood Wedding Intro

In the internet age, it is not unusual to hear of a metal song used as somebody's wedding intro song, (mine was "Genital Grinder" by Carcass) so hearing that somebody used Slayer's 'Raining Blood' isn't that unusual.

What makes this one special is that the groom, Daniel Phillips, works at global investment mega-bank, sub-prime mortgage crisis profiteers and Hurricane Sandy energy center Goldman Sachs.

At the very least you can be assured that some of your mortgage money went towards somebody's tasteful album collection.

Originally posted on MetalSucks

Feb 11, 2013

Trenton Titans - the Official Hockey Team of Metal

Metal Blade have declared Trenton Titans as metal’s official hockey team. The two brands will be launching various cross-promotions over the next few months, primarily through both company’s array of social networks.

The Trenton Titans play in the ECHL the premier “AA” hockey league and are the proud affiliate to the Philadelphia Flyers in the NHL and the Adirondack Phantoms in the AHL.

Metal Blade Records CEO Brian Slagel teamed up at the beginning of 2011 with NHL.com’s Shawn Roarke for a new radio show called ‘Metal Misconduct’. This show features interviews with musicians and athletes, merging the worlds of sports and metal music. Past guests have included Drew Stafford (Buffallo Sabres), Josh Barnett (MMA), Kyle Turley (Kansas City Chiefs, New Orleans Saints), and more. The podcast is available on iTunes HERE.

For additional Metal Blade Records news, visit their recently over-hauled website, metalblade.com, as well as their social networks:

Titans Website
Metal Blade Website

Feb 10, 2013

Bret Michaels about to rock that trailer

If that trailer's a rocking, don't come on knockin', 'cause country star and a genuine attention whore Bret Michaels is about to Rock Your RV. Check out that cowboy's trailer. No need to induce it with your finger, you're about to blow some chunks.

Peter Jackson's Hobbit Rejects

Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trilogy is arguably the most metal book series ever written.
From Orcs to Mount Doom, from battle scenes to Mordor, the chapters of the book resonate well with metalheads, and so they should. Blind Guardian's Middle Earth infused lyrics or band names such as Gorgoroth, Amon Amarth, Cirith Ungol, Burzum or the entire discography of Tolkien-themed Battlelore mean that the impact of the little dwarfs and hobbits has been very significant on metaldom.

Peter Jackson's adaptation brought Middle Earth to life and to the minds of the illiterate. Even the musical score consists of many metal song intros and sound effects of battles and beasts.

When Jackson decided to resurrect The Hobbit, it was obvious that metalheads would flock to see the movie. One problem. While the movie is for metalheads, it has no metal actors. I'd like to think that this is not an omission, but simply a case of conflicting schedules. The movie is a long commitment, and it coincides with touring and recording sessions.

Here is a list of metal actors who were considered for the movie, but couldn't commit to the gruelling schedule:

Bilbo Baggins (Nigel Tufnel)

Thorin Oakenshield (Mike Portnoy)

Galadriel (Angela Gossow)

Dwalin (Devin Townsend)

Kili (Dan Spitz)

Bombur (Byron Stroud)

Gollum (Cronos)

The only one who made the cut...

Saruman the White (Christopher Lee)

If you don't get the last one, you're not a metalhead.

Feb 9, 2013

Metal Motivator 2

Feb 7, 2013

Metaldudes Cat Book

Metaldudes Cats Book is a photography book of portraits of West Coast Metalheads with their kitties!

This book is intended to not only celebrate the beauty of the people photographed (and their adorable kitties), but also to transcend the judgement placed on the metal scene, which sometimes is characterized as violent, hateful and misanthropic.

Alexandra Crockett began the Metaldudes Cats Book project in 2010 when she decided to ask her cat-loving, metal-loving friends if they would be interested in a photo project. Their reaction: excitement and delight.

"The metal scene has long been thought of as a culture of people who are into dark, depressing, even disturbing imagery and deas. I believe that in a lot of ways, these portrayals have spilled over into judgments of people's character as well. In general, these judgments are not only negative, but also incorrect. This, of course, can also be said of the portrayal of men in our society."

Once published, proceeds from the book will go toward no-kill cat shelters along the West Coast. With support from dedicated animal advocates such as Greg Ginn, Donald Tardy, Gitane Demone, and artist Christophe Szpajdel, Metaldudes Cats Book shows that while the music may be brutal, depressive, or extreme, the people in the scene are amazingly compassionate and affectionate, especially towards their pets. The book will feature such artists as Isis, Xasthur, Atriarch, Black Goat, Book Of Black Earth, Harassor, Lord Time, Skeletonwitch, King Dude, Morbid Angel, Anhedonist, Thrones, Lightning Swords Of Death, Municipal Waste, Holy Grail, Nausea, Exhumed, Phobia, Murder Construct, Cattle Decapitation, And Gypsyhawk.

Benefit shows will take place in Los Angeles, Portland, and Seattle in February and March.

Visit Facebook page

Feb 6, 2013

Nerdy chick does insane Cannibal Corpse vocal cover

Wow! I had to hear this twice. That alone is impressive.
I would certainly not fuck with her, as she'd get maniacal on my ass.
Check it out. Oh, she also has her own band called Abriosis. Visit www.abriosis.com for more details.

Feb 4, 2013

Pre-roasting of Dee Snider

While we wait for footage of the roast of Dee Snider hosted by Revolver Magazine and Guitar World a couple of weeks ago at The Grove in Anaheim, CA, let's enjoy a sneak peek brought to you by the dudes from Metal Injection. Rob was there on the red carpet to interview the roasters as well as Dee Snider himself and last year's roastee Zakk Wylde. Contributing to the roast of Dee Snider were Jim Florentine of That Metal Show, Queensryche's Geoff Tate, Lita Ford, Scott Ian, In This Moment and even actor Mark Metcalf, infamous in the role of the teacher in "We're not Gonna Take It."

Feb 3, 2013

Whose cork does Gaahl soak?

Meanwhile in Norway

Just add Lemmy's Warts

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