Jan 2, 2013

Watch Dutch radio DJ go nuts when he airs Slayer

Every year between Christmas and New Year, Dutch National Radiostation Radio 2 airs a Top2000. This is an annual listener-submitted countdown of Best 2000 songs of All Time.

With a country-wide help of metal supporters this year's unlikely debut on this list came from Slayer with their 1986 classic "Angel of Death".

Slayer became the first metal band other than Metallica to make it into the popular Dutch Top 2000 managing to make it to the No. 199 spot.

The past Monday (December 31), the countdown was aired live on national radio and TV and video footage was captured of Kasper Kooij, the radio DJ headbanging and slamming in the studio while the Slayer song was being played. Check out the clip below:


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