Jan 6, 2013

Varg Vikernes used to be a member of Mercyful Fate?

OK folks, maybe I'm way off here, but in this vintage photo, Michael Denner and Varg Vikernes (inset) appear to be the same dude, or they are at least related. Maybe it's just me and my poor eye sight.
(click to enlarge)


Anonymous said...

Sorry, they don't even look remotely alike. MF guy has high wide cheekbones, which Varg lacks. Varg also has a protruding chin with a slight underbite, while a MF guy has a small chin. No relation whatsover.

Anonymous said...

Are you high?

Dario Sycco said...

I should put a gatekeeper at this site, and set a minimum IQ level necessary to enter and also a sarcasm test for you to pass.

Anonymous said...

it lacked any humor anyway,so whatever.

sergio sandoval said...

varg was a kid when merciful fate started bro cmon,

J├Ârgen Svensson said...

But hey!
King and Danzig could be twins!!!
Danzig is just "slightly" more muscular.(sry for my spelling).

Anonymous said...

wtf, there is nothing alike... he looks more like other guys in band lol no similarity at all. completely different face features and shape.

Anonymous said...

1) The ages don't match (varg was a child around this time)
2) They look nothing alike
3) Hail Satin

Yee Yee Yee Yee Yee said...


That's like asking if Fenriz is Brian Wilson from the Beach Boys.

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