Jan 19, 2013

Study finds heavy metal makes you drive much faster

This is starting to make a lot of sense. It also explains why I get a lot of speeding tickets.

A study by UK car and financial site Confused.com using its MotorMate app monitored driving behaviour during a 805 kilometre (500-mile) road trip, it had the eight participants drive the first half without music, while the second half was accompanied by different genres of tunes from classical to heavy metal.

The results? Heavy metal caused a male driver to go "much faster," hip-hop made one of the female drivers crank up the aggression, and a classical playlist caused two other drivers to be more erratic than when there was no music. A psychologist at London University backed up the findings saying: "Fast beats can cause excitement and arousal that can lead people to concentrate more on the music than on the road."

My only hope is that the black box inside my car won't give out the decibel readout reached during the impact. I will be doomed.


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