Jan 16, 2013

Nergal portrays a nazi officer in Polish comedy. Trailer translated.

Kurwa mać!
Nergal didn't even have to wear a wig for this one!

OK, I understand that most of you will struggle with this one, but True Metalhead knows Polish and is also married to a German chick, so here's a translation of the clip below:


"The sooner we do it, the better. Where is the prophet?"

"It's a woman, mein Führer. One floor above us"

Ribbentrop, why don't you bring her down?"

"Because she won't be enough. It works with her on the fourth floor."

HITLER (whispering)
"Is it true that the prophecies are not favorable for the Reich?"

"First four years will be so-so, but from 1943 on, it will become harsh for the Reich"
Maybe we should move your awesome plans to 1941.


Second scene doesn't involve Nergal, but here is where we see Hitler incognito, meaning with a shaved Hitler-stache, as that fools everyone in the bar. The SS officer next to him suggests that he has a drink and that they head out to the embassy, Hitler claims that he doesn't drink.
Bartener doesn't believe that his guest is Hitler himself and says that "Hitler without mustache doesn't count. You can drink, and you can dance, but not with shitheads (That last sentence is in German, but the word "shitheads is spoken in Polish).
Hitler then claps saying "bravo".

Scene Three begins in Berlin on August 31, 1939 (day before Nazi Germany invaded Poland)
Nergal goes to see somebody in the cellar of the Third Reich Headquarters.

"Good morning herr Lepke! I mean, mein Führer.

(Hitler then gets a haircut and stache trim)

"All this hiding out in the dark, to later stick a knife in Germany's neighbours' backs, with whom we we had a peaceful pact. For this shameful violation of civilized world, there is only one answer.

"Take it easy. We're not in Reichstag. You can fool around later. Just talk like a normal being.
What are we doing?"

"OK, OK, I just wanted to get in that character, I just wanna fuck'em up real good."

"We always believed in you, mein Führer."

The movie "AmbaSSada" opens this summer in Poland, I can't wait to see it.


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