Jan 10, 2013

Metallica doesn't have to eat macaroni and cheese for a while

If you ever daydreamed about winning a huge lottery, a figure of a million, perhaps 5 or 10 could be circling around your head. If you were a rich rock star, that kind of money is probably found between the cushions of your sofa.

Metallica played only 30 shows last year. They collected... are you ready for this? You better sit down on your livingroom lawn chair .
They made $86.1 Million. Yes, that is $4.38 Million per show!!! Yeah, the same band that sued Napster, made more money during one of their shows of 2012, than all the readers of this blog combined in their lifetime. And as you can tell by my readership, I'm being extremely optimistic.

Much like they did when they hired a "performance-enhancing coach" Phil Towle to help the group better understand one another a decade ago, were they not able to afford a consultant telling them that the whole Lou Reed collaboration was a bad idea? I could have told them that in exchange for an autograph.

Here is a list of the most grossing acts of 2012.

That makes this funny Jim Breuer story about how cheap Lars Ulrich is even more head shaking.

(Source: Metal Injection)


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