Jan 17, 2013

Cryptopsy in a stop motion Lego feature

An Australian fan of Cryptopsy made this awesome stop motion flick with the song "Phobophile" serving as the background music from the classic "None so Vile" album released back in 1996.

This is possibly the finest action animation feature I've seen since Toy Story and certainly more violent than Bugs Bunny. Check this out!

Source: Metal Injection

Technical Stuff:

- Photos taken with Apple iPhone 3GS Camera (thus the blurriness, sorry!)

- Frames captured & movie compiled using Lego DC Superheroes Movie App

- Stage scenes: 10 frames per second
- Story scenes: 6 frames per second

- Video edited with Windows Live Movie Maker


- Main Soundtrack: Phobophile by Cryptopsy © 1996 Wrong Again/Displeased/Century Media.

- Other sound samples: Taken off their None So Vile and None So Live albums, along with a short jam created on a WowWee® Paper Jamz Drum Set.
This video is pretty evidently a LOVING tribute to a fantastic Canadian band; if you haven't heard of them before, check them out if you dare!
I clearly do not own the copyright of this track, and I sincerely hope the band, their management and label representatives don't object to this project.

- LEGO Piano: Design for this was heavily inspired by YouTube user Masao Hidaka's excellent work.


- to Jon Levasseur: for depicting you playing a Gibson Flying V, I know you wouldn't touch one of those.

- to Eric Langlois: for depicting you playing a shoddy BC Rich Bass, I know you'll want to kill me for that too!

- to Dan Greening: for turning you into a demented killer attacking your own fans, that's probably pretty out of line right there. Sorry!

- to Flo Mounier: for having you play the straight guy behind the kit, not getting in on any of the bloodbath. We all know you'd be front of the queue for some action.
and finally, to LEGO®: for using your beloved bricks for such a dark and evil purpose!


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