Jan 29, 2013

Top 10 FREE metal fonts for your next newsletter

When you sit down to design your next newsletter, you often start with a blank document (or a terrible Word template) and a stack of more or less useless and ugly fonts. TrueMetalhead is here to help. I hand picked a dozen fonts to help you metallize your next company newsletter or Annual Report. Actually, most of these fonts would feel right at home if used on a eulogy, diploma certificate or a bottle of homemade wine.

They are totally FREE and guaranteed to net you a raise*.
*Not an actual guarantee.

11. Spinal T. FanBoy

Naturally this list goes to 11. You don't even have to remember a keyboard shortcut to generate umlauts . This baby's got it. Best used on your newsletter cover and on price lists (careful with that "S"). Get creative and experiment.

Alternately for Spinal Tap fans, 

10. Iron Maiden

10. Metal Lord

This Maidenish looking font is a 2 in 1. Don't think of these fonts as nearly identical, think of these as part of a family. You've got bold and outlined fonts. I can totally see these used in the newsletter titles. Kerning could potentially be an issue, so adjust as needed. (Do not try this is MS Word).

9. Exquisite Corpse

Blood on a newsletter indicates that you mean business. If you add skull font (found below) or fire stock photography, I don't give a shit what you're selling, you won't be able to keep up with the orders.

8. Metal Mania Regular

This one looks great in headings, but don't be afraid to experiment. Use it in prices or as a drop cap.

7. Metal Crusher

This is that one metal font that unites all metal heads. Black, death, power or classic.
All metal types love this type. If the title of your newsletter doesn't look good in this, I don't think Gutenberg himself could help you.

6. XXII Ultimate Black Metal

Black Metal script doesn't just look great on album covers. It looks fantastic on grocery flyers or company newsletters, be careful how you use it though, it doesn't look legible in small disclaimers.

5. Black Metal logos font

Have you ever been frantically searching the net for Morbid Angel, Venom, Gorgoroth or Dark Throne logos only to find a shitty version you had to clean up or remove backgrounds from? Well, relax, there's an app font for that. Yup, in one single font, you can get a couple of dozen Black Metal band logos spanning a few decades.

4. Music Logos TFB

This is a very oddball, yet very useful font. Basically a variety of metal logos. But not only metal. While some characters will display Red Hot Chili Peppers or Green Day, some other will net you Cannibal Corpse, Deicide or Veil of Maya. Actually lowercase "a" will give you a cover of Newsted's "Metal" album. WTF!?!

3. Only Skulls

A newsletter without skulls is like a metal album cover without skulls. It's best avoided.
This font is also extremely versatile. Basically a 2 in 1. It's a font with built in vector clipart. Oh, and it's free. How can you go wrong? 

2. A Gothique Time

Many bands have used a variation of Old English as their logo. Take Bathory or Behemoth for example. Well, here is a great looking condensed font that is as gothic as it is contemporary. It will dress up every headline and I guarantee your boss will love it.*

1. Design Metal Logo

The Number One font is actually not a font, but more of a Metal Logo Generator.
Simply type what you want, choose a font style, add effects if you'd like and save your logo to your hard drive. Doesn't get any easier or better than that.

Vodka with foam tastes like pussy

Vodka with foam tastes like pussy. And everything gets lost in translation. Including humor.
During a German interview Steel Panther are, well, themselves, as usual. Laughing off how little action Def Leppard has seen on the recent tour with the Panther, foamy vodka and protecting themselves against SUVs.

Looks like Lexxi Foxxx got bit by the German Bier Fehler as he seems a bit confused.
Oh well. Das ist deren Humor.

Art by Savanas

Jan 28, 2013

Tool guitarist proposes to girlfriend at WWE Royal Rumble

Nothing screams romance like a bunch of dudes rolling on the floor with other dudes.
That is the background Tool guitarist Adam Jones chose when he proposed to his girlfriend Korin at last night's (Sunday, January 27) WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-view event.

Video footage of the proposal can be seen at WWE.com

Jan 27, 2013

What if Metal was mainstream

Wheel of Fortune would never be boring.

Jan 26, 2013

Zombie Teddy Bears are pure Metal

These are perhaps the most metal toys you've seen in a while.

If you want one, however, you'll have to get on a waiting list at Undead Teds.
Meanwhile you can admire all the gory ones here.

Thanks Colette

Jan 24, 2013

Dee Snider accused Ted Nugent of being a "draft dodger"

Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider recently accused uncle Ted Nugent of being a "draft dodger" who avoided signing up to the army.

"Ted's always been a gun-toting conservative. But what gets me is that he was actually a draft dodger," Snider told Noisecreep, "to the point where he didn't bathe for a week, and vomited on himself to deliberately avoid the draft," which presumably means the army.
"I totally understand why he did that, but all of these Republicans who love Ted don't seem to know or remember that too well. It's crazy that he's become one of the voices of Conservative America even though he was a draft dodger," added Snider.

Nuge quickly responded via Twitter:

Politics aside, it would NOT surprise me in the slightest to find out that Nuge indeed avoided draft and that this hatemonger is a gun crusader for his own gain. I mean the dude hunts animals in a cage for fuck sakes. How much more gutless can you get?

Who the Fuck is Justin Bieber?

Mark Hoppus of Blink 182 asked Ozzy Osbourne a ridiculous question. He asked him whether he was listening to Justin Bieber. Ozzy replied quickly and correctly.
That was back in late 2010.

Fast forward a full month to Super Bowl 2011. Ozzy and Bieber team up, but Ozzy still doesn't know who Bieber is. Classic and funny.

Emo vs Death Metal vs Hip Hop

OK, I have to admit, this is more for the younger readers of TrueMetalhead, but even old schoolers can appreciate the somewhat kiddish effort and finishing. I think we've all at some point in our lives drawn extremely crude characters on napkins and our school binders were full of these types of animations.

It's the idea that counts.

Jan 23, 2013

Harry Potter is a Metalhead with real horns

OK, so I went a bit too far. Maybe the horns aren't real and maybe he's not quite a metalhead, but he does wear a Cradle of Filth shirt. OK, he doesn't, I 'shopped it.

Daniel Radcliffe is starring in a new supernatural movie, Horns where his character wakes up one day to find horns sprouting from his forehead. Naturally, Radcliffe felt there was only one way to prepare:

"I'm listening to a lot of metal and allowing that slightly demonic rock 'n' roll spirit out. There's nothing else like it," the 23-year-old actor told The Sun.

Jan 21, 2013

OMG! There's a skull on the cover!!!

Your non-metal friends often like to tease you about your music. When they feel like being nasty, they'll hit you in the weak spot. Just like a punch in the balls is one of their "metal is all the same, it's all about screaming and skulls on the album cover".

You then quickly become a metal evangelist and proudly respond: "No way dude, metal is not... uhmmm, it's not just... you know, the covers, they...., uhm, .... there's a lot more..., uhmm... AAAAAAARRRRGGGHHH!!!!"

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