Dec 17, 2012

Nergal meets his donor for the first time on Polish TV

Two years after the bone marrow procedure that saved his life, Adam Darski (Nergal) met the donor.
Nergal has expressed his willingness to meet the person, but because of strict regulations, that was not possible until today (Monday, Dec 17)

"Thank you for my life" - said Nergal to 25-year old Grzegorz Kajto at a gathering in Sopot in northern Poland. Before Nergal met his donor, he watched a short film in which Grzegorz claims he didn't know who was the recipent, but he was eager to help out nonetheless.
Both men hugged each other and Nergal asked whether Grzegorz had any siblings to which Kajto replied "I do now".

Nergal went on to say that he is a living proof that making a life saving donation like this is a worthy cause. Kajto added that the procedure was quick and painless.

Check out the link to the article in TVN24 and watch the videos. (In Polish)


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