Nov 6, 2012

Nickelback technician stuck his penis in electric fan

This is not the kind of story you turn away from. Glad you're like me, a curious person who just needs to know the details. I was surprised to find that that "electric fan" didn't mean a "clueless groupie". Then I thought it meant that he actually had to listen to them play, but since he makes his living listening to Nickelback, it is a different story than some deaf douchbag who actually pays to listen to this shit. So what is an electric fan and why stick your junk in it?

Turns out Nickelback's Chad Kroeger has a better sense of humour than his music writing abilities. He has revealed that he once paid one of the band's drum technicians to stick his penis into the blades of an electric fan.
The frontman said that he had paid the staffer $375 to take part in the member's member-related prank during a tour of Germany.
"We've always been very close to our crew, so we've had a lot of fun getting them to do silly, stupid things that could possibly cause them to hurt or injure themselves in some way," he said. "We were in Germany years ago - this was one of my favourite stories – and we were just bored. There was a heat wave going on in Germany. In a back room in the venue where we were playing, there was an old fan with a metal blade... And we paid the drum tech about 600 deutschmarks to stick his Johnson in the fan."
He went on to say: "He took the money... I can still hear the 'bleh-bleh-blehhhhhhh' of the blade slowly spluttering to a stop, and this blood-curdling scream. It was fantastic. Somebody had video footage of this somewhere that needs to be resurrected and shown at the guy's next birthday party.

Kroeger's girlfriend, another talentless Canadian singer Avril Lavigne, has apparently been turned on to Kroeger claiming that it is his sense of humour (not songwriting) that makes him extremely attentive.

Wow, I'd hang out with this dude if it wasn't for his cock rock bottom music.
If it only took $375 for his crewmen to do weird shit, imagine what you could get fans to do with Kroeger's salary?


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