Nov 28, 2012

Girl shocks 'France Has Talent' with insane growls

Her name is Rachel and if you saw her in the street you'd think she'd be into make up, shopping with her friends and hanging out at crappy dance bars. But as soon as the 24 year old begins to sing at Incroyable Talent 2012 (France Has Incredible Talent) your jaw will likely drop and hit the floor.

The elegantly dressed young lady rips it through her audition with inhuman growls that would put Benton and Corpsegrinder to shame. She claims she can maintain her growls for 90 minutes!!!

In real life, Rachel is an aducational assistant and fronts her own metal band called Dividead.

One of the judges says "You have steel vocal chords".
Did she make it through? You'll have to see for yourself.

Thanks Nancy for the tip.


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