Nov 23, 2012

Chris Holmes wins an award for the worst video of the year

I guess this dude has "Nothing to Lose".
Chris Holmes (WASP) has now topped his own self-loathing video shot as part of the Decline of the Western Civilization Part Two.

This is a promo video for a song called "They All Lie and Cheat" from the album "Nothing to Lose".
The set up is very odd; an empty electronic drum kit, partially unstable green screen, unsynchronized and yet out of tune guitar playing, bad lip synching, white trash chick talking shit, mumbling 'cocksucker, asshole' etc.

The video has awkward references to Clinton, Hitler, O.J. Simpson, Obama, etc.
This is truly terrible Chris. Did I hear a dog barking twice in this song?
Holy shit, did a monkey program those drums or did you hire Lars?

This seriously looks like a bunch of outtakes. I don't know about you, but I think this is easily the worst video of the year.

Let's just go back to an era when Chris was weird and depressed, please.


Anonymous said...

This video is unwatchable.

Anonymous said...

WOW ! Pure ......disaster

Ignacio Brown said...

i love it...really hilarious. i love wasp even though i think they only had one decent album. regardless, fuck blackie because he is a republican...but this shit is incredible...crack id whack...

Anonymous said...

hahahah fuck this shit is funny as fuck
yes that vid is terrible but i aint sure it is on purpose or not
i bought the album and it is quite good.
just dont expect blackie's voice but that preview of chris had to be a joke
there is no way that that shit could have been real

Anonymous said...

Its a joke :) Not a bad album, long live Chris!!!

Anonymous said...

and the award for dumbest post since 12/2012. Goes to Ignacios Brownoser , who LOVES wasp ,even though he THINKS wasp only has one good album and says fuck Blackie because he's republican
there's democrat genius on display for ya

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