Nov 30, 2012


Haha! You better be on Santa's good list or you won't get one.
As per 3 Inches of Blood facebook post

The cheesiest, sorry, cookiest commercial ever!

This is cheese for the sake of making dough.
No reason whatsoever to throw a metal band in the mix, but for whatever reason Quiznos wants to celebrate "National Cookie Day" on December 4th by giving away free cookies and some generic power metal. See if you can stomach this one.

Richest Metal singers has published a list of richest rock singers.
Below is a list of those who might be of interest to TrueMetalhead readers.
I know, I know, metal singers should have quotation marks around. I see a few that might be metal, few has beens and few that are thrown here for a good lauch.

I will seal my lips and put my keyboard away so I don't comment on this list. If you want commentary, you'll have to go to MetalSucks.

So here is the list of the richest "metal singers" with their net worth right beside them:

#6: Gene Simmons - $300 Million (KISS)
#11: Dave Grohl – $225 Million (Foo Fighters, Nirvana on drums)
#17: James Hetfield – $175 Million (Metallica)
#19: Axl Rose – $150 Million (Guns N’ Roses)
#22: Steven Tyler – $130 Million (Aerosmith)
#23: Jon Bon Jovi – $125 Million (Bon Jovi)
#24: Paul Stanley – $125 Million (KISS)
#26: Sammy Hagar – $120 Million (Van Halen)
#27: Robert Plant – $120 Million (Led Zeppelin)
#28: Bruce Dickinson – $115 Million (Iron Maiden)
#30: Brian Johnson – $90 Million (AC/DC)
#31: Ozzy Osbourne – $90 Million (Black Sabbath, Solo)
#40: Joe Elliott – $70 Million (Def Leppard)
#48: Chris Cornell – $60 Million (Soundgarden, Audioslave)
#53: Vince Neil – $50 Million (Motley Crue)
#54: Billy Corgan – $50 Million (Smashing Pumpkins)
#57: Maynard James Keenan – $45 Million (Tool)
#58: Jonathan Davis – $45 Million (Korn)
#60: David Lee Roth – $40 Million (Van Halen)
#62: Trent Reznor – $40 Million (Nine Inch Nails)
#63: Kid Rock – $37 Million
#67: Scott Stapp – $30 Million (Creed)
#68: Chad Kroeger – $30 Million (Nickelback)
#70: Geddy Lee – $28 Million (Rush)
#71: Marilyn Manson -$25 Million
#72: Zack de la Rocha – $50 Million (Rage Against the Machine)
#73: Rob Halford – $25 Million (Judas Priest)
#74: Chester Bennington – $25 Million (Linkin Park)
#75 : Dave Mustaine – $20 Million (Metallica, Megadeth)
#77: Geoff Tate: $17 Million (Queensrÿche)
#79: Tom Araya – $14 Million (Slayer)
#80: Jacoby Shaddix – $12 Million (Papa Roach)
#81: Bret Michaels – $12 Million (Poison)
#82: Scott Weiland – $10 Million (Stone Temple Pilots)
#83: Phil Anselmo – $8 Million (Pantera)
#84: Fred Durst – $8 Million (Limp Bizkit)

Nov 29, 2012

Want Opeth with growls? Wait 'til 2013

If we make it through the big meltdown or galactic misalignment next month, you'll have a lot to look forward to in 2013, new Carcass album, killer Wacken Open Air lineup, another metal boat cruse or two, but you can also look forward to new North American Opeth tour with... growls.
Yes, Opeth frontman Mikael Åkerfeldt recently spoke to and testified that:

"... We’re gonna be in the US in the spring, I think. But it’s not completely settled yet, so I’m not sure—I can’t say 100 percent that we’re gonna be there. But 90 percent sure, we’re going on a North American tour, which will be the last lengthy tour that we do for this record. We’re also doing a few shows down in Australia and Japan and perhaps South America and some summer festivals as well, but generally it’s gonna wind down after May of next year."

When asked about the sort of setlist we can expect, he said:

"To some extent, I suppose, we aim to please when we play live, but it depends on what we’re doing. Like on the first couple of legs of this tour, we were really consistent in playing a lot of new material and songs that fit together with the new songs. So that, obviously, ended up with us not playing many of the more brutal songs, or heavier songs. But it depends. We’re a bit stubborn. We don’t really go out there and just play the hits, you know; we want to feel that it’s relevant, and whenever you tour, you’re touring for a new record, you’re promoting a record, so we try to focus a little bit on that record when we tour. But today is show number 149 for the Heritage tour, and it’s not a brand new record anymore. So we’re mixing it up a lot more on this tour. We’re playing really heavy songs, and songs from Heritage of course, and some softer songs. And on top of that, obviously, we have the so-called “mellow” set that we’re doing."

Looking forward to Opeth's more "heavy" set in the spring.

Wake up and smell a NEW Carcass album

Blabbermouth has apparently got a whiff of some exciting news. Turns out that pioneers of the second wave of extreme metal, Carcass, might be quietly working on a brand new album. Their last (and a rather lackluster) effort was released in 1996 and appropriately called "Swansong" citing the group was to disband.

If the rumour is correct, the band which briefly reunited in 2008, will be recording the first album in more than 16 years without Michael Ammot. Michael hinted this past summer that he is too busy with Arch Enemy and Spiritual Beggars to concentrate on another project.

"I'm not working with Carcass at the moment. From what I hear they're working on something new, but it's not with me. I'm not included in it. I don't know. I don't comment. [laughs] I don't really know what they're working on, so it's not really for me to say, but whatever it is I wish them well, of course. I had a great time doing the reunion shows; we played a lot of shows in 2008, 2009, 2010, and I had a fantastic time at those shows. I'm a very busy guy as well, so I could see why I wouldn't be included. I've pretty much got a full-time thing going on with Arch Enemy, and I'm with Spiritual Beggars on top of that. It's very difficult for me to fit in a third band with touring and everything."

While Daniel Erlandsson (also Arch Enemy) would likely be replaced on drums with Matthias Voigt of German death metaller's Heaven Shall Burn, there is no word who, if anybody would fill the guitar spot  after it is vacated by Ammot.

Also, not sure how serious will Bill Steer's involvement be in the band. He has long since moved on from death metal to other ventures including his surprising 70s fused rock band Firebird.

Either way, a rumour about a possible Carcass reunion, album and tour is an exciting set of news coming from Walker and crew.

Nov 28, 2012

Girl shocks 'France Has Talent' with insane growls

Her name is Rachel and if you saw her in the street you'd think she'd be into make up, shopping with her friends and hanging out at crappy dance bars. But as soon as the 24 year old begins to sing at Incroyable Talent 2012 (France Has Incredible Talent) your jaw will likely drop and hit the floor.

The elegantly dressed young lady rips it through her audition with inhuman growls that would put Benton and Corpsegrinder to shame. She claims she can maintain her growls for 90 minutes!!!

In real life, Rachel is an aducational assistant and fronts her own metal band called Dividead.

One of the judges says "You have steel vocal chords".
Did she make it through? You'll have to see for yourself.

Thanks Nancy for the tip.

2012 road accidents involving metal bands

There has been a strangely high number of tour bus and car/bike accidents in the second half of 2012.
Here is a round up of what happened and to whom.

(Nov 27)

Massachusetts metallers The Acacia Strain have been forced to leave their co-headlining tour with VEIL OF MAYA "due to a serious van accident." According to a press release, "members of the band and crew are being treated for minor injuries."
Commented The Acacia Strain frontman Vincent Bennett: "Canceling tour dates is something we hate doing but we will make it up to all of you. We are all very grateful to be alive and will see you in the New Year."

(Oct 31)

Lucker was riding his black 2013 Harley-Davidson south on Main Street in Huntington Beach about 8:55 p.m. Wednesday when he hit a light pole near the intersection of 13th Street. The motorcycle continued sliding south on Main Street and struck a northbound 2007 Nissan Titan pickup.
Lucker was seriously injured and was treated at the scene by paramedics. He died shortly after 6 a.m. on Thursday at UC Irvine Medical Center. He was only 28.
Not only did this happen on Halloween, but his final tweet said "The dead are living..." with the photo you see above.

(Oct 23)

"Yesterday, after ten hours of driving, we hit black ice in the Oregon mountains. We were forced to crash into a highway divider in order to keep from sliding under 18 wheelers. Though we were all alright, we were precariously stuck facing the wrong direction on the highway for a few hours. With a little ingenuity and the help of a highway worker with some tow chains, we managed to pry our bumper off our front wheels. A few hours later, we were back on the road."

Benny Moberg (MALFEITOR)
(Oct 14)

Benny Moberg, guitarist of Swedish death metallers Malfeitor and a founding member of Blood Mortized, was involved in a serious car accident in Stockholm.
According to reports, the police was chasing a robbery suspect in a stolen vehicle when the suspect decided to drive on the wrong side of the road, causing a collision with the taxi that was carrying Benny and his family.

Bobby Liebling (PENTAGRAM)
(Aug 29)

Bobby Liebling of legendary doomsters Pentagram involved in a "bad bicycle accident" while he was out running errands for his wife and child. As he came around a curve, his front wheel hit a stick that was partially covered up in some loose sand. He was thrown into the road and slid several feet, with his bicycle landing on top of him. Banged up, bleeding and dizzy, he made his way home where he was immediately taken to the emergency room. He suffered an elbow injury, bruised ribs and received 12 staples in his head.

(Aug 15)

Savannah, Georgia-based quartet Baroness was involved in a serious road accident while between shows on its U.K. tour.
At around 11:30 a.m. at the junction of Brassknocker Hill and the A36 in Bath, the band's tour bus crashed and fell 30 feet over a viaduct.
Seven people were taken to the Royal United Hospital in Bath, while two others — who were trapped and had to be rescued by firefighters using hydraulic cutting equipment — have been transported to Frenchay Hospital in Bristol. "Those people are now being treated by ambulance staff," a fire service spokesman told BBC News.
A Great Western Ambulance Service spokesman said, "Our staff assessed all occupants and provided any required treatment before and while en route to hospital."

Nov 27, 2012

In This Moment (or Hot Topic) seems appropriate

When you release an exclusive version of an album for Hot Topic, you instantly remove yourself off the metal map. As it was, In This Moment was a borderline non-metal band, but now there is no doubt that they're a Hot Topic band.

This is exactly what happened here. In This Moment has released their fourth album, Blood and sold more than 20,000 copies in the first week landing at #15 on Billboard. That didn't stop them from issuing an exclusive via Hot Topic chain. All that's different are a few remixes and a cover of Nine Inch Nails classic "Closer".

Oh wait, Maria's nude photos are the exclusive version. OK, nevermind. You can order it here.

Nov 26, 2012

Got $11 Million? Buy Steve Harris' home

Iron Maiden bassist Steve Harris has put his English country house on the market for £6,750,000 (approximately $10,805,000). 
A description of the property reads as follows: "Approached via a pretty country lane and private gated entrance into a sweeping gravel driveway with large parking area, Sheering Hall is an historic substantial medieval country house of some 11,000 square feet full of character and period features throughout. It is grade II listed and there has been a house on the site since the Domesday Book and parts of the house date back to 1427. The property offers a fantastic variety of facilities for entertaining on a grand scale.
"Surrounding the entrance hall with its exposed beams and open fireplace are the three main reception rooms. The sitting room and drawing room both have fine detail and character with floor to ceiling oak panelled walls and high ceilings with guilded ornate cornicing. The drawing room boasts a grand wooden carved fireplace with wood burner. The kitchen benefits from a four-oven aga and raised breakfast area and from the kitchen there is access to the playroom, boot room and utility area. 

"Through a further hallway is access to your own private and fully equipped pub 'The Horse And Cart' complete with ale on tap. From the second hallway, further leisure amenities extend to an impressive media room, again with a high ornately decorated ceiling and an office, editing studio and equipment store. A second staircase leads to the bespoke indoor heated swimming pool with truly unique hand painted mural tiles and wall murals with raised gym area, 2 separate recreational areas, changing room, separate kitchen and impressive split level galleried recording studio. 

"From the entrance hall, the main wood panelled staircase leads up to the first floor with the principal bedroom, dressing room and en suite bathroom, there are 7 further bedrooms, a family bathroom and three shower rooms as well as staff accommodation consisting of bedroom, shower room, sitting room and kitchen which can also be accessed via the second staircase. Additionally there is a separate 3 bedroom coach house with sitting room, 2 shower rooms, extensive garaging and workshop."

Source: Blabbermouth

Nov 25, 2012

Vince Neil does the chicken dance. Sober?

Nothing screams Octoberfest like chicken dance, chicks and a dude with a beer gut.
From Dancing with the Stars to dancing with the stars in his eyes, here's what Motley Crue singer does in his spare time.

Top 10 head scratching Led Zeppelin lyrics

No matter what your opinion of the legendary Led Zeppelin, the force behind the band's creative genius, Jimmy Page, has had some questionable decisions in music direction. The lyrical content on the other hand, has at times given fans and critics a reason to scratch their heads.

“Now I'm singing all my songs to the girl who won my heart;
She is only three years old and it's a real fine way to start.” (‘The Ocean’)

“Squeeze me baby, till the juice runs down my leg;
The way you squeeze my lemon, I'm gonna fall right out of bed.” (‘The Lemon Song’)

“If there's a bustle in your hedgerow, don't be alarmed now;
It's just a spring clean for the May Queen.” (‘Stairway to Heaven’)

Ultimate Classic Rock did a great post that dissects the Top 10 head-scratching Led Zeppelin lyrics. You gotta see them all.

Andrew W.K. named a cultural ambassador to the Middle East

According to First For Music News Andrew WK has been named a cultural ambassador to the Middle East by the US Department of State.

The singer will travel to Bahrain early in December to promote partying and positive power in the troubled region. He was invited by the US embassy in Manama in partnership with the US Department of State.

Andrew W.K (born Andrew Fetterly Wilkes-Krier) will visit elementary schools, the University of Bahrain and music venues to promote partying and world peace.

Commenting on his role as a cultural ambassador, he said: "This is a tremendous invitation. I'm very thankful to the Department of State for giving me the opportunity to visit a place I've never been before. I feel very privileged and humbled by the chance to represent the United States of America and show the good people of Bahrain the power of positive partying. I can hardly wait for this adventure!"

Last month, the party veteran delivered a motivational speech to a My Little Pony convention. The hedonistic rocker featured on a panel at Canterlot Gardens, a My Little Pony convention in Strongsville, Ohio, preaching the virtues of individuality to the audience.

We all know that Andrew likes to party. Let's just hope that his partying shown below doesn't get misunderstood there.

Awkwardly innocent Slayer interview from 1986

<< Weekend Rewind >>

This is so nerdy, yet cool.
Slayer's very young duo of Tom Araya and Jeff Hanneman are interviewed on UK television.
They both look so innocent, very shy and don't sound confident at all.
This interview was recorded shortly after Reign in Blood came out and Dave Lombardo left the band.
Then they cut to commercial and... voila - Dave Lombardo is back.

The chick does warm them up towards the end, they seem to lose their "stage fright" especially after she says that she pictured them as a very mean and brutal band, but they turned out to be nice guys.

Great interview, check it out, you'll never see these dudes that shy ever again.

Gotta love that calculator font spelling SLAYER, huh?

Nov 24, 2012

Snowy Shaw karaokies King Diamond

Sporting impressive corpse paint, Snowy Shaw joined former members and his Mercyful Fate bandmates, Michael Denner, Pete Blakk and Sharlee D'Angelo on stage November 3, 2012 and performed (surprisingly well) seemingly unsingable songs by legendary King Diamond. He actually did better job singing than Denner did trying to remember how the guitar solos went.

Check out a couple of songs from the performance in Varberg, Sweden.

Once you get through the stage banter, which means around 3 minutes into "Halloween", you'll probably appreciate how well he did (not bad for a drummer), but you'll likely be a bit disappointed in his cover of "Welcome Home" which is admittedly harder to master.

Drink Impaled Nazarene beer

I have a real issue with metal bands selling "non-traditional-metal" merch to make a quick buck, but there is an enormous difference between Moneytallica seeling "lending" their faces to sell some video games (again) or Twisted Sister selling their songs to promote a hotel chain. Both these bands could benefit from focusing on metal, rather than profiting from music they made decades ago.

However, when an underground band such as Impaled Nazarene teams up with an underground brewery (underground probably in a very literal sense), to produce a Goat Brew beer, you know that this relationship is a result of a drunken party rather than a serious business venture.
They'll be lucky to sell a few two-fours of this stuff anyway.

Needless to say, if you are living near Uusikaupunki, Finland and see an empty bottle pictured here, please send it to me.

(Source: Blabbermouth)

Nov 23, 2012

Chris Holmes wins an award for the worst video of the year

I guess this dude has "Nothing to Lose".
Chris Holmes (WASP) has now topped his own self-loathing video shot as part of the Decline of the Western Civilization Part Two.

This is a promo video for a song called "They All Lie and Cheat" from the album "Nothing to Lose".
The set up is very odd; an empty electronic drum kit, partially unstable green screen, unsynchronized and yet out of tune guitar playing, bad lip synching, white trash chick talking shit, mumbling 'cocksucker, asshole' etc.

The video has awkward references to Clinton, Hitler, O.J. Simpson, Obama, etc.
This is truly terrible Chris. Did I hear a dog barking twice in this song?
Holy shit, did a monkey program those drums or did you hire Lars?

This seriously looks like a bunch of outtakes. I don't know about you, but I think this is easily the worst video of the year.

Let's just go back to an era when Chris was weird and depressed, please.

The proper way to hang your guitar cables

Drummer always gets the drinks

Slayer and Christmas go together like...

This is only a half joke. The sweater Kerry King is wearing is real.

Nov 16, 2012

Iron Maiden's Nicko McBrain gets his Jaguar XKR-S

Nicko is not only one of the finest old school drummers around, but he also loves his Jags.
In the video below he is present when the sheets get pulled off to reveal his new Jaguar XKR-S.
As Nicko states, the car does indeed look like it is doing 200MPH just standing still.

Viking Mastodon drummer fan girl

Do you like Mastodon?
How about Skyrim? Drums? Girls?
If you've answered yes to at least one of them, then go make some popcorn and grab a chair.
I wonder if Brann Dailor is worried about his job?

Mona Larsa

Surely, an art critic like Lars Ulrich would have approved this himself.
Why the fuck does he remind me of young Varg Vikernes in this Da Vinci's Mona Lisa pose?
I think I'll have to fire up Photoshop again.

Drummer is obsolete

Q: How many drummers does it take to change a light bulb?
A: None, they have a machine to do that now.

Toontrack is offering Metal Machine EZX, incredible software that runs on Mac or PC and for you inspiring musicians who have ditched 4-tracks long ago in favour of software recording, you'll appreciate this new gadget.

Andy Sneaps, the mastermind producer behind such metal powerhouses as Testament, Megadeth, Arch Enemy, Exodus, Killswitch Engage and Devildriver, is known worldwide for having produced some of the heaviest releases this last decade and has had an instrumental role in shaping the sound of metal music as we know it in the new millennium. Now Toontrack presents the first ever drum sample library to bear his unmistakable seal; Metal Machine EZX®.

Recorded by gifted drummer John Tempesta (White Zombie, Testament, Helmet) in Los Angeles' Henson Recording Studios, the Metal Machine EZX® is more than capable of replacing your drummer.

Best of all, the expansion to EZDrummer only costs $89. Cheaper than a box of sticks.

Check out the promo below.

Q: What has three legs and an asshole?
 A drum stool.

Q: What do you call a beautiful woman on a drummer's arm?
 A tattoo

Nov 14, 2012

Questionable band name of the month

What do you get when you combine AC/DC and kinky french porn?
The Sticky Boys of course.

The Sticky Boys are a French rock/metal band formed in 2008. They’ve supported bands such as The Donnas and Nashville Pussy, and also played live in an advert for SNCF, the French national train company (yeah, as in Choo Choo Motherfucker!)

Their new album just came out and is called "This is Rock'n' Roll".
Somebody needs to tell these dudes that on this side of the pond chicks don't go for Sticky Boys.
I guess unless they don't care about that small touring detail.

Get in the Vans with The Number of the Beast

Vans and Iron Maiden teamed up again.
Few years ago they gave us Powerslave slip-ons, now just in time for holiday season, they'll suck you off another $70 for a pair of The Number of the Beast sneakers.
Save $10 and get them directly from Vans.

Bunch of 13-year olds cover Mayhem

Coolest video of the week.
I just came back from my daughter's school band (as in trumpets, tubas, clarinets etc), had I lived in Norway, I'd be seeing my kid in a band covering "Freezing Moon" by legendary Mayhem.

Wait a minute... is this San Francisco?

Anyway, this is awesome, the group consists of two boys and three girls (or 2 and a half girls, sorry can't tell) all 13-year olds.

(Thanks to Metal Injection for a breath of sanity in this world)

Slayer dubstepped

Prepare to be (massively) annoyed.
Metalsucks found this atrocity and full credit to them for the excellent photo mashup of King and Skrillex.
Award goes to user Troll City Bitch for the best comment:
"dubstep, the meaning of pain, the way this dude wants me to die"

Terror Tractor vs Terror Tractor

Terror Tractor, thrash metallers from Kansas
Terror Tractor, Volvo-powered... well, tractor that smokes tires and could practically defuse or set off field bombs.

Which one is more metal. You be the judge. Comment.
Psst, I'm guessing Terror Tractor wins.

Nov 12, 2012

Wesley Willis - Morbid Angel

We all know that Wesley Willis appreciated a lot of different things in rock music.
It wasn't just songs like "Rock'n'Roll McDonalds", "The Vultures Ate My Dead Ass Up", "Lick My Doberman's Cock", "Cut the Mullet" or "I Whipped Superman's Ass" that made him famous.

Dd you know that he had a soft spot for classic Death Metal? Yeah, he loved Bolt Thrower and Morbid Angel. Check out his Morbid Angel tune below.

Nov 11, 2012

AC/DC autographed tour program sells for $5,000

Ultimate Classic Rock reports that a program used in the UK during the 1976 fall and spring 1977 AC/DC tour with an obvious creasing and wear has sold for an equivalent to US $5,000. This highly desired memorabilia cost roughly $5 back then and includes some real rarities such as Australian 1976 tour program that was banned.

These band signatures were reportedly obtained in March of 1977. Why the group agreed to sign the same item multiple times remains a complete mystery. Both guitarist Angus Young and vocalist Bon Scott signed the program five times, including the cover in blue ballpoint pen. The rest of the bands signatures (18 in all!) can be found throughout the program.

Aside from the signatures and dynamite photography featured, it’s the actual copy that gives this tour book the dirty deeds attitude that one expects from AC/DC. For instance, Angus Young’s distinguishing features are listed as “is always in school uniform; bruised knees; followed by swarms of flies.” Whereas, Bon Scott’s distinguishing features include: “Tattoos, film star teeth and a sirs chest.”

As it appears, high voltage humor is expensive and when it’s vintage, neatly bound and autographed all over — “done dirt cheap” plays no part in the equation.

Granny bra thrown at Marilyn Manson

Just when you thought rocks and bottle caps are the norm for fans to throw at Marilyn Manson during a live show, it is nice to see that the occasional bra is still aimed at his head. This one obviously does not belong to a younger chick, but still, mature ladies put a smile on Brian's face. Check him out with the bra on his head!

Nov 10, 2012

Heavy Metal Porn. Censored!

Nov 9, 2012

Study finds dogs shake when chilling with metal

According to a new study by a Colorado State University associate professor, dogs in animal shelters were less likely to bark and more likely to sleep to classical music than heavy metal.

Lori Kogan, who is in the College Of Veterinary Medicine And Biomedical Sciences and a licensed psychologist, played different music within at a shelter over the course of four months and recorded their responses. The investigated genres included classical, heavy metal and a simplistic psychoacoustic classical composition marketed specifically for dog relaxation.

Kogan's study suggests that heavy metal induces more nervous shaking in dogs. Playing classical music appeared to calm dogs more than other music selections or no music at all, according to the study, which appears in a recent issue of the Journal Of Veterinary Behavior.

The study suggests that shelters refrain from playing heavy metal music because of the detrimental impact it may have on dogs' stress and anxiety levels.

Cats on the other hand are completely unaffected by any type of music. You'd think they listen to lounge elevator porno jazz all the time. Couldn't get much more mellow. Except when they suddenly bolt across the room. I don't know what happens then. Prodded by invisible force I guess.

Barbarion makes 80s cheesy videos look Oscar-worthy

If this wasn't an intentional cheddar soup, it would qualify for The Quest for the Cheesiest Promo Video series here on True Metalhead. Still, this vid makes some old Twisted Sister look like Scorsese's epics. Whether you like it or not, you can certainly draw some parallels with those adolescent moments from the past decades.

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