Oct 14, 2012

Super hot blond does wicked extreme metal vocal covers

Wow! Should Angela Gossow decide to leave Arch Enemy, I think I may have found Angela 2.0. Check out this hot chick from Canada (although accent points to some place in Eastern Europe) as she screams to Arch Enemy's My Apocalypse. While other blondes her age are busy shopping or admiring nude photos of Bieber, this chick spends her spare time dressing her room up with Death logos and doing cool (if not a bit death-corish) vocal covers.
OK, so I'm not really a pig, but as I'm watching this vid, I keep thinking how I want to become her microphone. I sure as hell hope she also plays any of those guitars in her room.

BTW, she also does Death and Satyricon vocal covers. I guess I know what you're doing tonight.


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