Oct 31, 2012

Slayer sells Google laptops

Not so great Halloween story (if you value metal's exclusiveness and anonymity).
Hell finally froze over, or should I say it's Raining Blood everywhere.
Google's attempt to sell cheap MacBook Air knockoffs with the help of metal's most metal band of all time, Slayer, makes the band sound fashionable and in my opinion cheapens the music and somewhat brands metal pushing it closer to mainstream, a place that is best avoided. The launch leaves a bad taste in true metalhead's mouth despite the Halloweenish nature of the commercial. Not sure that is enough to justify the move.

Yes, the band that was once synonymous with evil, metal-as-fuck attitude and those ungodly guitar riffs is now sponsoring software (and now hardware) giants Google. Hey, gotta look on the bright side, at least it is not another boysband or dubstep song you'd have to mute. Maybe Apple needs to hire Venom and use Welcome to Hell as the iOS intro to the Apple Maps.


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