Oct 3, 2012

Scion aiming for headbangers

The once considered a hipster brand of cars, Scion is after your money, my metal friend. According to a report coming from AdWeek, Toyota's Scion division thinks the heavy metal crowd has a bad reputation and is undervalued as a consumer base. Scion has recently opened a gallery in Los Angeles that features works from British artist French, among others. According to the report, Scion's vehicles will be on display as well, in case patrons want to go for a test drive after purchasing some artwork. Scion’s “lifestyle” efforts also include live heavy metal shows, CDs and vinyl albums, and music videos produced by the brand-as-music-label. More than 1,700 artists have participated in more 10,000 events in 250 U.S. cities.

As a metal and car enthusiast, I can only tell you that Scion's FR-S, co-developed with Subaru is the only metalworthy offering from this car company.

Shifting their focus from hipster to metal crowd is a daring move, especially that their cars are about image with little else a true metalhead would appreciate. Now if only you could custom fit them with made-to-order artwork outside or skull shifters... wait a minute, you're a metalhead, you can do that to a Dodge or Kia.


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