Oct 23, 2012

Quest for the grossest promo video

Not to be confused with the Quest for the Cheesiest promo video series, the new quest is a bit sicker in nature. Seems like metal bands are trying to undo each other lately and release more and more brutal promo videos such as the one Cattle Decapitation did for "Forced Gender Reassignment" last week.

This time Arkansas doommetallers Rwake gave us “It Was Beautiful But Now It’s Sour” and I have to say the 12 minute video is a lot more boring than Cattle Decapitation's assault. It's basically a slow motion dog fetus torture including squishing, burning, exploding, snorting. Well, maybe not the latter, I kinda started to doze off midway through. Basically the director of this video found a few dozen ways to annihilate these unborn puppies and Rwake probably saw the vid, asked for the rights to feature their rather boring tune and if this kinda shit is your thing, then be my guest and check out this odd porn.


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