Oct 28, 2012

Quest for the Cheesiest Promo Video (part 6)

Criss Angel hit it big in 2005 with Mindfreak, uber corny and narcissistic reality TV centred around a shamelessly phony pseudo magic series where the dude video tricked his audience to believing he walked through glass, leaped tall buildings, levitated and basically faked his way to Reality TV stardom.

Did you know that Criss Angel (Christopher Nicholas Sarantakos) got his showbiz start as another faker? Yeah, he was a glam hair metal poseur back in the 80s with an over the top "live" performance as shown in the video below. I'd say skip the first 30 seconds (basically a credit intro), but no, no, play the whole thing, because it even states at the beginning that "all the magic that appears in this video is genuine and is not aided by trick photography". Angel's processed cheese factory now makes perfect sense. Beginning with a dove and a puff of smoke, we're treated to magic acts involving levitation, disappearing chicks, yes, more doves, even moonwalk, and of course lots of trannies in spandex.


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