Oct 8, 2012

Quest for the Cheesiest Promo Video (part 5)

When a balding dude storms out of the outhouse while instantly shredding the fiddle, you know you're in for a treat. And that's just the beginning. Naturally the rest of the trolls join him in an epic outdoor jam that takes you back several centuries to the medieval times which vaguely asks the question; where the fuck did they find electricity to power their gear? Dressed as cavemen they certainly don't look like time travellers. Watch one of the finest folk metallers Korpiklaani as they not only entertain themselves at the stage in the woods, but also feast on the forest squirrels and get violently drunk (Spoiler alert! The fiddle guy is not affected by alcohol).
This looks more like Quest for Fire rather than Quest for the Cheesiest Promo Video, but their submission has been granted. Enjoy.


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