Oct 3, 2012

Maid sues Chris Cornell and his wife

Oh, with a headline like this, you just hope there is some incredible story to tell.
So, I'm going to have to make one up, because the lawsuit seems disappointing.

Chris Cornell had it all, popular grungy band, a sound investment in a house with a garden and a loving wife.
Enter Mora, a voluptuous maid with big tits and a big ass and an even bigger appetite for rockstar cock. This maid to order groupie served her time in the Cornell's residence mostly cleaning under Chris' desk and his rusty cage until his wife Vicky saw her pay stub and noticed that 43 hour work weeks and cobwebs in the bathroom did not add up. So she cut Mora's overtime, took away her benefits and forced Mora to work during breaks.

While Vicky thought the maid didn't do enough, she also accused Mora of doing too much, as in more than just ironing Chris' flannel shirts and threw her out the door.

Now, Mora, a fan of grunge, tired of the rockstar behaviour, but in a true american tradition is suing the couple.

Can't wait to hear more on that.

Well, this could also be a publicity stunt to drum up some biz for the upcoming Soundgarden CD.


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