Oct 20, 2012

10 signs you're a metal nerd

Here are 10 signs you might be a metal nerd.

10. You start your day with a coffee and Blabbermouth.

9. You saw Lamb of God autographed diaper on eBay and thought about placing a bid.

8. If someone was to google your name, they'd find nothing but your angry posts on metal forums.

7. You know you have your headphones on backwards because Kerry King's guitar solos are on Jeff's channel.

6. You've often wondered what RiotAct666 looks like and where he lives.

5. You own albums from at least three bands named Leviathan.

4. During Nile concert you request songs by chanting "Yezd Desert Ghul Ritual in the Abandoned Towers of Silence"!!!

3. Three seconds into a promo video shot in a forest, you can tell if it's real or a parody.

2. Not only you can tell what this says, but you can also pronounce it.

1. You can play Cannibal Corpse on a clarinet.


0 - 1 points – Your metal knowledge starts with AC/DC and ends with Scorpions. 

2 - 5 points – If you switched 100% to mp3 format, you could easily wallpaper your entire house with metal CDs. 

6 - 8 points – No use denying it. You're an uber metal nerd. 

9 - 10 points – You've seen this post here. You're an ultimate metal nerd. 


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