Sep 7, 2012

Modern Metal Djent Metalcore tutorial

For all you modern metal loving wanna-be-musicians out there. You gotta check out this tutorial on how to achieve the highly sought after sound of modern djent.
Inspired by Meshuggah and As I Lay Dying, the musical advice contained here is priceless, yet free.
Of course the old schoolers among you will want to check out this gem as well, since you already know that True Metalhead is a Master of Sarcasm, not a metalcore fanatic.
Enjoy the track "Cadillac Snake Dream" and some advice from OneClipLeft.

(Originally posted by MetalSucks)


Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for featuring my video! It was a lot of fun to make. Sadly, many people missed the sarcasm entirely. I also have an album coming out (non-sarcastic) if you want to check that out:


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